About Danceforce40+


Dance is a healing tool, so don´t stop to begin and and don´t begin to stop dancing. Dance is transforming, and so are we.

Danceforce40+ are professional dance artists of different nationalities in the field of dance and performing choreography. We work for creating a dynamic platform in the Danish dance and art community, through artistic projects, sharing of knowledge and local and international networking.

Danceforce40+ is based in Copenhagen, and our aim is to validate and question the role of older dance artists and performers on stage, and move towards a more natural intergration. We also reinforce their continous workopportunities in other professions, in order for people outside the arts to experience a greater quality of life – mind, body and soul – through the tools of dance and movements.

And we want as well to research in dance and age, and the exchange of dance that can help different segments of people with disorders or diseases.